Work Groups

Work Group (WG) teams are recommended by the TCG and approved by the PODS Board of Directors. The Work Groups are limited in duration and scope to study an idea or concept. Work Groups will determine if the proposed idea should move ahead for additional research and will create a project charter to be submitted to the TCG for approval by the Board to have a Project team created and staffed.

Ideas and concepts can be proposed by:

  • The PODS Board of Directors
  • The PODS Technical Committee on Governance
  • The PODS Technical Committee for Data Modeling through the TCG
  • Current Project and Work Groups
  • The PODS Membership through the PODS Executive Director

Working Group teams are responsible for:

  • Selecting a chair if one has not been assigned
  • Identifying the Technical Committee Data Modeling Liaison for the WG
  • Setting regular scheduled meetings
  • Assigning tasks or action items to the team members
  • Performing the study at hand
  • Documenting the study findings and WG recommendations
  • Creating a project charter if recommendation is to move forward
  • Sending charter to TCG for comment and recommending approval to Board
  • Providing for communication and hand off to the project team
  • Identifying the Working Group team members that will transition to the project team