New Construction Phase 2

This is one of the largest working groups of the PODS Association.   Five subgroups (Construction; Design/Engineering/FEL; Environmental; Field Survey/Land/ROW and Operations) have been established. Their primary objective is to improve integration of collected as-built data from pipeline construction, into the PODS data model.


5.1. This project will improve integration of collected required as-built data and documentation from pipeline construction and loading such data and documentation into the Operator’s PODS database, allowing existing Operator’s PODS information to interchange with new construction databases in the early stages of the new construction process.

5.2. Demonstrated financial savings through improved and increasingly accurate data developed through the collection and verifying of the information digitally, in PODS format, as the project progresses.

5.3. This PODS enhancement provides a better definition of data-related regulatory requirements associated with new construction, helping Pipeline Operators compliance with these regulations.

5.4. Pipeline Operators will be able to specify and contractually require strict adherence to these Data Standards for New Construction.


Jeffrey Weaver, Williams Gas Pipeline

Nichole Killingsworth, BSD Consulting, Inc.

Mustafa Abusalah, Consolidated Contractors

TCDM Liaison Rod Burden, Moore Resource Systems


Construction Subgroup 

Elissa Adams, CH2MHill (Captain)
Firas Hijazi, Consolidated Contractors
Abhay Chand, Petro IT Ltd.
Brett Vogt, Project Consulting Services, Inc.
Chris Wilber, SGC Engineering, LLC
Steve Casciola, Gulf Interstate Engineering

Mahmoud Hleihel, Consolidated Contractors


Design/Engineering/FEL Subgroup
Casey Jones, DDSI Global (Captain)
Brian Ellis, Campos EPC
Lee Davis, Gulf Interstate Engineering

Lynn On, TransCanada


Environmental Subgroup

Eliana Herbig, Convenient Invations Inc. (Captain)
Angie Remer, ddms, Inc.

Dustin Miller, Williams Gas Pipeline


Field Survey/Land/ROW Subgroup
Terry Strahan, (Captain)
George Mock, LWS
Ron Brush, New Century Software
Joe Carroll, New Century Software
Gary Volta, SGC Engineering, LLC
Mike Walsh, Sinclair Oil
Nick Sines, Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP
Stan Wong, TransCanada
Brandon Browning, TRC

Aaron Musick, Williams Gas Pipeline


Operations Subgroup
Michael E. Ortiz, Plains All American Pipeline LP (Captain)
Craig Hawkins, BP
Rick Roberts, Chevron
Usman Choudhary, TransCanada


Download PDF of New Construction Phase 2 Charter

Meeting Minutes

October 27 2015

May 8 2015

January 22 2015

December 15 2014

October 15 2014