Project Teams

A project is normally created as a result of a Work Group (WG). However, the Technical Committee on Governance (TCG) may identify special projects that do not require a Work Group to achieve specific PODS Association objectives. Projects are limited in duration and narrow in scope.

The Project Charter describes the objectives, scope, schedule, and deliverables of the project and is created by either the WG or the TCG (Technical Committee on Governance). Project teams are established by the TCG, upon Board approval, and will be staffed by volunteers selected from the PODS Pool of Volunteers. Project team members will commit for only the duration of the project and will be released upon completion. As appropriate, the Project team will include members of the WG and one or more members from the TCDM or from the TCG.

Project Teams are formed through formal action by the PODS Board of Directors, and generally have a charter drafted by a Work Group. In the absence of a Work Group or a charter, the TCG may develop a charter or otherwise provide specific direction.

Project teams are responsible for:

  • Developing and including in the existing charter: Scope, Schedule, Deliverables
  • Selecting a Chairperson if one has not been appointed, and an optional co-Chairperson. Recommended that the chair be an Operator.
  • Performing the work specified and providing regular reports to the TCG.
  • Completing the work and presenting final deliverables to the TCG.
  • Providing core membership of the Project Team that will remain in place and provide consultation through the approval process.

Current Projects:

New Construction Phase 2

This is one of the largest working groups of the PODS Association. Five subgroups (Construction; Design/Engineering/FEL; Environmental; Field Survey/Land/ROW and Operations) have been established. Their primary objective is to improve integration of collected as-built data from pipeline construction, into the PODS data model.  [….click for more info]


The objective of this workgroup is to expand the current PODS relational database model by designing features and tables that apply to offshore pipeline operations.  [….click for more info]

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing

The PODS APR Project was established by PODS Board of Directors as a direct outcome of the PODS ALRP Task Force. The Task Force studied both the Esri ALRP and UPDM offerings and made the following recommendations:

The Esri APR core spatial database structure should be incorporated into a PODS offering that would allow PODS members to easily utilize a PODS spatial database in conjunction with the pending Esri APR technology stack. Utilize the PODS Relational tables and field were possible to bring them into better alignment.   [….click for more info]