PODS Spatial ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR)

The PODS APR Project was established by PODS Board of Directors as a direct outcome of the PODS ALRP Task Force (former name). The Task Force studied both the Esri ALRP and UPDM offerings and made the following recommendations:

The Esri APR core spatial database structure should be incorporated into a PODS offering that would allow PODS members to easily utilize a PODS spatial database in conjunction with the pending Esri APR technology stack. Utilize the PODS Relational tables and field were possible to bring them into better alignment.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of how the Esri APR core tables are organized and how they operate.
  • Align nomenclature between Esri and PODS terms
  • Understand any limitations or advancements that the APR structure provides
  • Decide on the best technology to create the new model
  • Incorporate the Esri core APR tables
  • Incorporate the PODS Relational Event tables
  • Understand and document any many to many or one to many restrictions Stand up a sample (Beta) model
  • Populate sample data into the model
  • Coordinate with data modeling team to develop outline of model documentation
  • Transition work over to the data modeling team for finalization


Michael E. Ortiz, Plains All American Pipeline LP (Co-Chair)
Jeff Allen, Esri (Co-Chair)
Andrew Norris, BHP Billiton
Nathan Marx, Chevron
Dominic Palazzolo, Williams Gas Pipeline
Bruce Sucec, Plains All American Pipeline
Victor Rutherford, Plains Midstream
Carl Meinke, TRC
Ayan Palit, Esri
Matt Thomas, Novara GeoSolutions


Download PDF of ALRP Charter APPROVED

Other Documents

PODS Esri ALRP Position Statement FINAL

ALRP Project Team – Presentation at 2015 PODS User Conference:

download PPT here: ALRP Project Team – Presentation at 2015 PODS Conference

Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2015

August 31 2015

July 10 2015

June 26 2015

April 9 2015