Technical Committees

The PODS Technical Committees and groups are central to the work of the PODS Association, shaping and advancing the Data Model and Standards.  They are comprised of volunteer members working on Project Teams, Work Groups and other committees.  In 2015, the Board approved a reorganization of the Technical Committee structure (below).


Technical Committee on Governance (TCG)Slide19

Six members comprise the Technical Committee on Governance (TCG) and are appointed by the PODS Board of Directors. The Chair of the TCG is appointed by the Board with preference given to Operators. The TCG is responsible for the Technical strategy and direction of the PODS Association, providing guidance to the Technical Committee for Data Modeling, Work Groups and Project Teams.

Technical Committee for Data Modeling (TCDM)

The Technical Committee for Data Modeling (TCDM) is comprised of up to six members appointed by the Board of Directors. Members should have 3 to 5 years  experience with the PODS Data Model, including logical model design and physical model design for relational and/or geodatabase data models. At times, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) may be assigned as needed to accomplish specific work.

Work Groups (WG)

Work Group Teams are established by the PODS Board of Directors as recommendation by the Technical Committee on Governance. Work Groups are limited in duration and scope to study an idea and determine if the idea should move ahead for additional research or board approval for a Project Team. The Work Group is also responsible for creating the Project Team charter if a project is to be recommended.

Project Teams

A Project Team is normally created as a result of a Work Group (WG). However, the Technical Committee on Governance (TCG) may identify special projects that do not require a Work Group recommendation to achieve specific PODS Association objectives. Projects are limited in duration and specific in scope.

The Project Team Charter describes the objectives, scope, schedule, and deliverables of the project and is created by either the WG or the TCG. Project Teams are established by the TCG, upon Board approval, and will be staffed by volunteers selected from the PODS Pool of Volunteers.


Technical Committee Guidelines

Changes to the Data Model and Standards adhere to an Approval Process as defined in the Technical Committee Operating Guidelines.

A revision of the Technical Committee Operating Guidelines was approved August 2015 by the PODS Board of Directors. The Operating Guidelines describe roles and responsibilities of the technical committees and groups of the PODS Association.