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The PODS Association is working to develop a comprehensive training curriculum to help educate the pipeline industry about PODS, and to assist new member companies in planning and implementing a PODS deployment.  Below are the first of these sessions.

The PODS Data Model – Explained!

This presentation is a high-level overview of the PODS model, its structure and history, and the role PODS plays within the IT infrastructure.  This presentation discusses the type of information managed by PODS, the relationship between PODS and GIS, and offers a comparison of PODS and APDM.


Peter Veenstra, Willbros Engineering, Member of the PODS Technical Committee

Christopher Moravec, Eagle Information Mapping, Member of the PODS Technical Committee, Chairman of the Data Modeling Team

View ppt pdf here: 2015 UC PODS Data Model Intro-Linear Ref 2015 Workshops V.Final

2012 Video Part 1

2012 Video Part 2

2012 Video Part 3

Review of the PODS Core

This presentation provides an in-depth explanation of the PODS Core, including the Line, Route, Series, Station Point hierarchy.  Station, Measure, and Station Equations are thoroughly explained, and several examples are reviewed to enhance understanding of these key concepts.


Kirk Cameron, New Century Software, Member of the PODS Technical Committee

2012 Video Part 1

2012 Video Part 2

2012 Video Part 3

2012 Video Part 4

2012 Video Part 5

2012 Video Part 6