PODS Association Strategic Plan 2021-2024

PODS Association
Strategic Plan 2021-2024

PODS Association Strategic Plan was approved by the PODS Board of Directors in
June 2021. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) assessment
provided guidance and direction for many of the tactics needed to achieve PODS


Goal 1 –

Establish a single logical data model capable of generating multiple
physical data models that are vendor-neutral and tested in accordance with
PODS Testing plan. The result is a well-documented pipeline data model that
meets current and future pipeline industry needs.
PODS Pipeline Data Model utilizes best practices in data standards and database
design, offering Association members a well-defined data model that can be
extended. PODS implementation resources enable utilization of the PODS Pipeline
Data Model in a variety of GIS and relational database formats.

Goal 2 –

Provide robust communications to member organizations and
stakeholders to advance understanding.
PODS members are informed through communications provided in newsletters,
social media, webinars, and conferences.

Goal 3 –

Offer clear and complete standards implementation guidance and
PODS training services education on PODS fundamentals (PODS orientation vs
hands-on training).

PODS provides clear guidelines, instructions, and resources enabling efficient
and consistent implementation of the Data Model and modular extensions.
PODS training using a variety of media including live webinars and recordings.
Topics include:
PODS Basics
Technical topics, as determined by Training Committee

Goal 4 –

Retain, sustain and grow membership based upon solid value
proposition to member organizations. Successfully engage members as
volunteers for PODS committees.
Outcome –
PODS Association membership is increased, amongst both operators and service
providers, expanding in North American and reaching new global sectors.
Data on PODS members is improved, creating a better understanding of PODS data
model utilization.
PODS maintains a list of potential volunteers and engages according to PODS needs.