Next Generation White Papers

Are you brimming with questions about what “PODS Next Gen” is all about?

Feel free to download these white papers (all in PDF format) that shed light on our progress and plans:

  • PODS Next Gen FAQs
    • Our best attempt to answer all of those questions – technical, non-technical, big picture and specific.
  • PODS Next Gen Scope
    • This is a 2-page diagram and brief summary of Next Gen scope and milestones
  •  PODS Next Gen Logical/Conceptual Data Model Schema poster
    • This is a conceptual model (very technical) developed by the working group.  Note that it is a DRAFT version and has already changed since printing, but we wanted to include a version of this so you can see what we’ve been up to.
  • Sponsorship Information Packet
    • We are seeking sponsorships from our supporters in order to continue meeting our milestones.  Download this PDF to learn more about the Sponsorship program.