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This is the biggest undertaking of the Association since we organized and we are excited about what it can mean for the industry—efficiencies and effectiveness in reporting to achievebetter internal analysis.
–Paul Herrmann, PODS Association President. PODS Next Generation goal is transformation of the Standards and Data Model

“PODS Next Generation is defining a standard that is easy to understand, simplified, rigorously documented and makes use of current technology. It is important for pipeline data consistency and interoperability. How PODS is implemented makes a difference. This is what we are working toward in PODS 
Next Generation.”
–Peter Veenstra, Co-Chair of the PODS Next Generation Work Group and PODS Association Board member

The PODS Association’s Next Generation, or Next Gen, initiative is focused on a complete re-design and modernization of the PODS Pipeline Data Model. The re-design of the PODS Pipeline Data Model is driven by PODS Association Strategy objectives as defined in its 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, as well as from nearly 20 years of PODS Pipeline Data Model implementation experience and lessons learned.

The Next Gen initiative will result in a new data model – the PODS Pipeline Data Model Version 7.0 – as well as a Data Exchange Specification and migration and implementation guidance and instructions. The Next Gen Data Exchange Specification will facilitate data translations between the PODS Pipeline Data Model Versions 7.0 and earlier as well as other data models and will also enable system integration via service-oriented approaches. The re-designed Data Model will standardize and modernize data management and reporting across the pipeline industry.

The Next Gen initiative is scheduled for completion in 2018. The PODS Association will be providing incremental releases of the full PODS Pipeline Data Model starting in 2017 with the release of Version 7.0. As a subset of Version 7.0, PODS Lite offers current and potential future Association members the opportunity to preview the re-designed data model.



Next Generation defines the PODS core and design and documents the data interchange. An aggressive timeline has been launched and progress was reported at both the 2016 and 2017 Pipeline Week Conferences as well as quarterly webinars. To expedite execution of this effort, PODS has hired a contractor for the technical work.

Image Matters, LLC

Kurt Buehler, President of Image Matters, is a recognized leader, with industry expertise in standards development, data modeling and creation of data standards. Mr. Buehler serves as primary consultant to PODS. Their experts have created similar work for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and have successfully led or contributed to inoperability projects such as Geospatial Interoperability Framework (FEMA), and the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).

Supporting Documents

2018 Forum Presentations

2017 Pipeline Week Slidedeck

October 2016 White Papers

Next Gen Project Charter Final

Next Generation Scope

May 25/26 Work Session Meeting Minutes (Members Only)

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2016 Forum – Presentation during PUG:

Members of Next Gen Work Group

Peter Veenstra, TRC (Co-Chair)

Chad Corcoran, Andeavor (Co-Chair)

Buddy Nagel, Kinder Morgan

Dan Palazzolo, Williams

Jeff Allen, Esri

Kirk Cameron, New Century Software

Michael Ray, Geofields

Bill Plese, Phillips 66