2018 PODS Forum – May 8, 2018 – Presentations in PDF format

During the 2018 PODS Forum, many of the presentations were discussions about Next Gen (PODS 7.0).  Below are PDF versions of many of the presentations (no audio, just slidedecks). Note that much of the meetings were in panel/discussion format, and thus did not have any presentations associated with them.


 PODS Next Gen/7.0 Top Ten FAQs 20180508.pdf

What is PODS Lite? What is 7.0? What is Next Gen? PODS Lite or UPDM? What is the old to new mapping process? These are a few of the questions that are answered here.



PODS Next Gen/7.0 – Technical Deep Dive 20180508.pdf

Pete Veenstra, Co-Chair of the PODS Next Gen WOrking Group, will Dive Deep for all of you technically-minded folks out there.




PODS Next Gen Modules 2018 and Beyond 20180508.pdf

What are all of the modules in Next Gen? And when will they be implemented?




Data Management and Governance 20180508.pdf

One of the most compelling topics – Data Management and Governance.




PODS Business meeting 20180508.pdf

The Business of PODS – an summary of membership, goals and financial statements.




The Business Value of PODS 20180508.pdf

How does PODS prvide value to your business. A quick summary here.