How to Join PODS

Operators, Service Providers, Government Agencies, Organizations, and Other Types of Membership

Joining the PODS Association for the first time is now easier than ever:

  1. First, join from the website by going to the online Member Registration pageor download the PODS Membership Form, fill it in and email to Kathy Mayo.
  2. You will be guided through the process of registering and paying your membership dues.
  3. (NOTE: you will have the option to register only one Key Contact or as many employee “linked profiles” as you like. Employees may optionally register themselves.)


Employee Registration – After the Employee’s Organization Has Joined

Once your company has become a member of PODS, an unlimited number of individual employees can

Register as a user (CLICK THIS BUTTON)


to gain access to the Members Only Member Portal Area. (NOTE: Some companies might register for you, so please ask your Key Contact if they already set you up as a user.)