How to Join PODS

Operators, Service Providers, Government Agencies, Organizations

Joining the PODS Association for the first time is now easier than ever:

  1. First, join from the website by going to the online Member Registration pageor if you are unable to complete the form online, then download the PODS-Membership-Form-2019, fill it in and email to and Kathy Mayo.
  2. You will be guided through the process of registering and paying your membership dues.
  3. (NOTE: you will have the option to register only one Key Contact or as many employee “linked profiles” as you like. Employees may optionally register themselves.)

Employees – After Your Organization Has Joined

Once your company has become a member of PODS, an unlimited number of individual employees can

Register as a user (CLICK THIS BUTTON)


to gain access to the Members Only Member Portal Area. (NOTE: Some companies might register for you, so please ask your Key Contact if they already set you up as a user.)