The Association

Increasing safety and reliability of pipelines worldwide
while meeting regulatory requirements
with a dynamic international membership
who shapes the PODS Data Model every day.

The PODS Association is a recognized leader in data standards for pipeline data management, organized in 1998.  We are a non-profit vendor-neutral pipeline-industry organization, member driven and volunteer-run.

This dynamic and collaborative Association consists of over 170 member companies of Pipeline Operators and Service Providers. It is both created for and by the operators and providers who utilize the PODS open data structure for storing critical pipeline data and enabling analysis and reporting.

The PODS Association is committed to developing, maintaining and advancing the proven PODS Pipeline Data Model, pipeline data storage and interchange standards for the pipeline industry worldwide, meeting the needs of pipeline companies today and into the future.  Click here to access the PODS Strategic Plan Adopted December 10, 2015.

The Association was incorporated in 2000, and became a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization in 2004.  The Association consists of a 12-member Board of Directors, a Technical Committee on Governance and an Executive Director.

What Do We Do?

PODS Association convenes Project Teams and Work Groups to address the Strategic Initiatives adopted annually by the Board of Directors. Each group is led the the Chair and is guided by an approved Charter.

In addition to the work of these Technical Groups, PODS annual cycle of activities include:

  • Annual User Conference – Held in conjunction with Pipeline Week each Fall, this event provides a forum for our user community and software vendors to come together and discuss issues that strengthen and advance the data model.
  • Operators Forum – Held each Spring, this is an opportunity for learning about cutting edge industry news and to collaborate in developing strategic initiatives for the PODS Association.
  • Strategic InitiativesEach year, the Association develops relevant and important Strategic Initiatives to support the growth and maintenance of the PODS Data Model.
  • Bi-monthly Webinars 
  • Annual Election – Annual election of board members, followed by board-elected officers.

How We Govern

PODS Governance Org Chart_With Background

PODS Member Companies

THE ONLY way to receive full access to the PODS data models and other benefits of PODS is by becoming a member of PODS Association. Memberships are held by companies who join PODS, whose employees may then register as a user with full legal access to the PODS Data Model.

Membership in PODS Association provides access to participate in PODS Technical Groups. This includes input into the development of PODS Next Generation standard data management policies, an effort that began in October 2015. As a member, you can collaborate with your industry peers in this PODS Strategic Initiative.

Get involved in the debate, ensuring your company’s business needs are represented, considered, and addressed.

Guiding Principles

  • Improve Interoperability – Improving the interoperability of the PODS Data Model to enable reliable exchange of information between multiple databases, applications, vendor software, and even between different operators, is fundamental to the PODS mission and objectives.
  • Member Knowledge Sharing – The value of the PODS user community is significant.  Most of the issues faced by any one member are common across the industry.  Fostering an environment where knowledge sharing of non-propriety information can be facilitated will enhance the value of the Association to its members, as well as further the advancement of data standards to the industry as a whole.
  • Growth – Growth encompasses the growth and development of the data standards offered to the industry, as as well as growth in membership and engagement of its members in Association endeavors.

Legal Documents

PODS Articles of Incorporation 

PODS Association Bylaws

PODS Antitrust Compliance Guidelines