Technical Committee on Governance

The PODS Technical Committee on Governance (TCG) provides oversight and guidance on the technical strategy and direction of the PODS Association:Slide03

  • Provides guidance and direction to Work Groups, Project Teams and TCDM implementing strategic initiatives
  • Promotes coordination among groups and teams to advance work
  • Provides recommendations to Board of Directors based on work results of these groups


  • Provide oversight of the Data Modeling Technical Committee and other Technical groups, providing guidance and direction of work and projects.
  • Establish and oversee PODS Technical Plan, including new initiatives as well as ongoing work.
  • Advise PODS Board of Directors on progress and maintain accountability.
  • Support the Working Group Chair to establish technical and SME skill sets needed for the working group team and formation of the team.
  • Provide guidance to the PODS Executive Director in recruiting team-member volunteers.


Chad Corcoran, Marathon Petroleum Company
Jeff Allen, Esri
Lucas Hutmacher, TRC
Peter Veenstra, Pivvot
Tad Nowicki, Rosen Group