head_KMayoKathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association

“I have been in the pipeline industry for over 15 years working in Corporate Communications and Workforce Development. In August 2014 I became PODS Association’s Executive Director, leading and facilitating the work of the PODS Technical Committee and Work Groups, engaging in strategic planning, and working with other industry standards groups as it relates to advancement of PODS. My key responsibilities as the E.D. include: facilitation for developing standards governing data structures and format; ensuring that the work moves forward; maintaining active dialogue with Members, and recruiting volunteers for our dynamic -specific Work Groups and Projects.”

Kathy holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. She comes with fifteen years of pipeline experience including Communications Manager for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Anchorage, Alaska) for the trans-Alaska pipeline (TAPS) and regulatory oversight of TAPS–monitoring environmental, safety and integrity for the BLM Office of Pipeline Monitoring.

Kathy has also worked on assignments in Washington, D.C. including the Department of Interior Secretary’s Office and the Office of the Federal Coordinator for the Alaska Gas Line project.

She was the PODS Technical Coordinator before becoming Executive Director.

Her background also includes leading organizations in planning and organizational development.