Who Are We? Mission/Vision/Strategies

The PODS Association is a not-for-profit industry standards association that develops and maintains the PODS Data Model, the pipeline data storage and interchange standard for the oil & gas industry.

We provide our members with an environment to share knowledge, advancing the Data Model and Standards through a Technical Committee which facilitates a global PODS community of practice.

The Association’s focus is to provide its domestic and international members a framework for leveraging industry standards in support of Information Management solutions related to onshore and offshore pipelines, gathering systems, and distribution systems as required to support the interests of its members.



Develop and advance global pipeline data standards to support efficient data management and reporting for the oil and gas industry.



Become the recognized global leader in pipeline data standards and best practices through collaboration with our member community and the development of pipeline data models designed with open specifications.



The PODS Association has identified six strategic goals to best achieve its Vision. These goals are established to guide all activities going forward. A set of Action Items aligned to these Strategic Goals will be defined and implemented to help the Association achieve its Vision. Go HERE to read the full text of PODS Strategic Plan. Below is a summary. These six goals are organized into three overarching categories –

(1) Products, focusing on the data models and specifications advanced by the PODS Association;

(2) Services, focusing on value-add services the Association provides its members; and

(3) Strategies, focusing on the Association organizational structure, operational and governance processes.


Goal 1 – Establish an industry-recognized core logical data model and vendor-neutral physical data model with implementation resources

Goal 2 – Steward open-interchange specifications for data sharing


Goal 3 – Provide advocacy services for member organizations

Goal 4 – Offer clear and robust standards implementation guidance and PODS foundational training services


Goal 5 – Strengthen and optimize PODS governance

Goal 6 – Grow membership based upon solid value proposition to member organizations


Click here to read the full text: PODS Strategic Plan.