Mission Statement

The PODS Association is a not-for-profit industry standards association that develops and maintains the PODS Data Model, the pipeline data storage and interchange standard for the oil & gas industry.

We provide our members with an environment to share knowledge, advancing the Data Model and Standards through a Technical Committee which facilitates a global PODS community of practice.

The Association’s focus is to provide its domestic and international members a framework for leveraging industry standards in support of Information Management solutions related to onshore and offshore pipelines, gathering systems, and distribution systems as required to support the interests of its members.

Guiding Principles

This Mission Statement is further interpreted as a set of guiding principles that are used to direct the Association’s activities and pursuits.

Improve Interoperability
Improving the interoperability of the PODS Data Model to enable reliable exchange of information between multiple databases, applications, vendor software, and even between different operators, is fundamental to the PODS mission and objectives.

Member Knowledge Sharing
The value of the PODS user community is significant. Most of the issues faced by any one member are common across the industry. Fostering an environment where knowledge sharing of non-propriety information can be facilitated will enhance the value of the Association to its members, as well as further the advancement of data standards to the industry as a whole.

Growth encompasses the growth and development of the data standards offered to the industry, as well as growth in membership and engagement of its members in Association endeavors.