Board Member Bios

head_chad_CChad Corcoran, Andeavor

“I am committed to the execution of the PODS strategic plan; and as a Board Member I would bring my knowledge and experience to support these critical activities and the continued growth of the PODS membership.”

Chad Corcoran is the Senior Manager of GIS/DMS/Drafting at Tesoro Logistics, a limited partnership of Tesoro Companies, Inc. His current responsibilities include driving the strategic direction and implementation of the GIS, Document Management, and Drafting programs across the organization. Tesoro Logistics utilizes a PODS 4.02 database to manage and maintain gathering and transmission pipelines. Previously, Chad held Project Management and Leadership roles within Information Management, Information Technology, and Pipeline Safety/Regulatory Compliance.

Chad has been an active member of the PODS association since July 2012, serving as a Release Coordinator and member of the Data Modeling team from July 2012 until August 2015. During this time he supported the PODS 6.0 release and participated in various data modeling activities. In August 2015 he joined the Technical Committee on Data Governance team where he currently serves. He was recognized as a “PODS Rock Star” by the PODS Executive Director during the 2013 and 2015 user conferences.  Since 2017, Chad has been Co-Chair of the Next Gen Workgroup, and in 2019 he became Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Corcoran’s current term on the Board ends in 2020.

Terry Furches, Chevron

bio and photo coming soon

Ms. Furches was appointed to replace Paul Herrmann, her current term on the Board ends in 2020.


Treasurer – Chad Hultman, ONEOK

Chad Hultman is the Supervisor of GIS Services for ONEOK Partners, L.P. with over 10 years of experience working with pipeline GIS and the PODS data model. Chad has coordinated data migration projects from paper to PODS, from spatial data sets to PODS, and PODS to PODS. Managed a large project team to ensure all GIS data is traceable, verifiable, and complete. He has managed projects to install data editing, HCA, Class Location, and MAOP. Chad has overseen data bridge projects to perform ILI Data Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Modeling. Was a member of the INGAA committee formed to comment on the PHMSA NPMS Information Collection proposal.

Mr. Hultman’s current term on the board ends in 2020.


Andy Morris, DCP Midstream

“I plan to bring best practices from a variety of GIS sub-disciplines gained from my experiences and apply them to pipeline GIS solutions. My technical background will allow me to add to conversations regarding database design and implementation. I have a structured approach to solving problems, an ability to facilitate consensus form various stakeholders and the passion to continue to grow and improve the PODS community.”

Andy Morris is the GIS Manager for DCP Midstream LP. His current responsibilities include strategic direction and implementation of programs to provide internal and external customers geospatial analysis and mapping products to support safe pipeline operations, regulatory compliance and business development activities. He is constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to provide actionable intelligence to support executive decisions at DCP.

Mr. Morris has 18 years of GIS experience covering numerous industries and projects. He started his career creating digital mapping products for the U.S. Department of Defense and moved onto leading projects for Local and State Governments including pipeline GIS projects for a municipal water system. His subsequent position as GIS Manager at an engineering firm provided experience with creating high-accuracy mapping products derived from digital orthophotography and LiDAR digital surface models along with data modeling solutions for clients. After the 9/11 attacks and as an ESRI subcontractor, he quickly built the capacity to provide classified digital mapping products for the National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency. His time at New Century Software allowed him a deep immersion into PODS and providing PODS-based database and software solutions to support pipeline data management and integrity management programs.

When his is not thinking spatially, Mr. Morris enjoys skiing and mountain biking in Colorado’s mountains with his family and friends.

Mr. Morris’ current term on the Board ends in 2019.

head_wnagelWilliam “Buddy” Nagel, Kinder Morgan

“My 37 years of experience provides me with the knowledge of operational and regulatory needs of the industry and the 25 years of GIS experience in manipulating pipeline data for use in mapping and analysis. I also bring the knowledge of data and systems integration in regards to conversion and merging of two pipeline systems with approximately 80,000 miles of natural gas pipelines and 9,000 miles of liquid pipeline lines.”

Mr. Nagel is a Technical Service Supervisor in the Pipeline Data System Department at Kinder Morgan. He leads a team that has the responsibilities for validation of data loaded into PODS, alignment of ILI data, loading of ILI data, data integration, and process/procedure development. He has 37 years of pipeline experience with 25 years of GIS experience using various software applications.

Mr. Nagel’s current term on the Board ends in 2019.

Gina O’Beirne, TransCanada

bio and picture coming soon! term ends in 2020.

Todd Patterson, Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Todd Patterson is the Manager of Data Integration and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Buckeye Partners LP. His current responsibilities include strategic and tactical data management to provide internal and external customers accurate and reliable geospatial analysis and mapping products.

Todd has more than 15 years of GIS experience spanning multiple industries and diverse applications, including academic support, landcover mapping, imagery classification, CAD integration, environmental remediation, software development, and pipeline operations. He has been working with PODS over the past several years, including planning for migration to PODS Lite and Next Gen, as Buckeye has enhanced its GIS and moved to the industry standard data model, and looks forward to engaging with the PODS organization to help ensure its success as it evolves into the future. Todd has been involved in other non-profit organizations in various capacities including serving as an executive officer and Board member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Lehigh Valley Chapter for more than 15 years.

Mr. Patterson’s current term on the Board ends in 2020.

Secretary – Rick Roberts, Petro IT

“I plan to bring my vast experience and knowledge of the industry to the PODS organization in hopes of improving the models currently under deployment. I will be able to bring ideas that will allow global construction practices to be integrated into future model/modules helping to bridge the current gap. Given my past and current experiences with direct involvement on project sites, I can be very technical and at the same time very practical. This allows me to have real world discussions with the field while understanding the application on the database side.”

Rick currently serves as Principal Consultant at Petro IT. His 45 years of Oil and Gas experience has
given him a broad knowledge of the industry. During this time, he has held many diverse positions
ranging from construction to technical staff. Rick spent 25 years with Chevron Pipe Line Co where
he had a variety of assignments and many project team memberships. His vast experience in
construction, afforded him many opportunities and became an asset to Chevron Pipe Line’s PODS
implementation. He began working with PODS in 2002 as they migrated from a customized version
of ISAT. Rick has 20 years of GIS experience spanning all the PHMSA integrity related rules
involving Liquid and Gas HCA analysis. His cross-functional experience will allow Rick to bring construction needs and current/future TVC requirements to the team for implementation.

Rick was an active member of the PODS/IPLOCA New Construction Working Group. He still participates as a member of both organizations.

Mr. Roberts’ current term on the Board ends in 2020.

Gautam Singh, ExxonMobil

Gautam Singh has 14 years of experience in project management, design, planning and managing programs. He has managed large pipeline & facilities projects in the US and Canada. Currently, he is a supervisor for Geospatial Systems & Graphics group, which is responsible for global operationalization of PODS & GIS and enhancing data integration.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He was on American Petroleum Institute (API) working committee to update API Recommended Practice (RP) 1133 -Managing Hydrotechnical Hazards for Pipelines Located Onshore or Within Coastal Zone Areas. This RP (2nd Edition) was recently published to include the latest best practices from operators and subject matter expert to reduce and manage water crossing risks.

Mr. Singh’s current term on the Board ends in 2020.

head_jackiePresident – Jackie Smith, Williams

Ms. Smith currently serves as an IT GIS Architect and technical lead at Williams. Her experience includes nearly 20 years in all aspects of GIS in the pipeline industry and local government. She began her career assisting Williams in building its Enterprise GIS and remembers discussing the beginning of PODS with current members.

Over the years, Ms. Smith has developed expertise in designing, implementing and supporting enterprise GIS databases and solutions, as well as leading GIS programs, staff and budgets. She has also led data governance initiatives, such as creating Open Data Procedures at the City of Houston and implementing GIS data policies at Williams. She has been a member of PODS since late 2014, keeping up with the paradigm shift in the model.

Ms. Smith served 3 years (2004 – 2007) as a Chair on the Board of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Geographic Data Committee. Currently, she is serving on the Board of the DAMA International Houston Chapter. She has also coordinated an informal women’s group for GIS professionals, in years past.   She is a GISP and has a ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

Ms. Smith’s current term on the Board ends in 2019.

head_pveenstraPeter Veenstra, Pivvot

“The PODS organization is facing challenges and needs to be more responsive and compelling to their users. If PODS can be more flexible in supporting operators in different environments (onshore, offshore, transmission, distribution, gathering, domestic and international) and can be deployed to allow pipeline operators more latitude for implementing PODs to suit their needs while keeping a standard and well documented core to provide mechanisms and standards for interoperability – then we will have done our job.”

Mr. Veenstra is the Principal Data Architect for Pivvot. He is responsible for rolling out enterprise pipeline GIS solutions. His experience includes 20 years in the GIS field, product development, software architect, programmer, GIS analysis and consulting, and CAD drafting.

Mr. Veenstra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Geographic Information Systems from the University of Edinburgh.

“Energy, Ideas, Organization and Focus. I submitted a proposal to the PODS BOD with ideas for allowing the PODS model to be more flexible in supporting operators in different environments (onshore, offshore, transmission, distribution, gathering, domestic and international). The PODS organization is facing challenges and needs to be more responsive and compelling to their users. I hope to direct initiatives that will allow the model to be deployed quicker and to allow pipeline operators more latitude for implementing PODs to suit their needs while keeping a standard and well documented core to provide mechanisms and standards for interoperability. I have been actively working with pipeline data models for 15 years. I know pipelines GIS internationally and domestically and with my 20 years of experience in the GIS industry; I have a good idea of what pipeline operators want and need from their GIS.”

Mr. Veenstra’s current term on the Board ends in 2019.

Gary Whitcher, Blue Sky Evolution

“My 38 years’ experience in various roles in the oil and gas industry from draftsman, support and GIS development, gives me a unique perspective on the needs for data centric information in the maintenance and development of pipeline and facility data. I have maintained and used different data models to deliver quality products to those who utilize this data for planning and maintenance.”

Mr. Gary Whitcher is a software engineer for Blue Sky Evolution. He is leading in the role of R&D providing the latest in technology to provide the industry with innovative results utilizing GIS, CAD, and other technologies. Prior to Blue Sky, he worked for El Paso Pipeline for 20 years as a GIS, Web and CAD developer supporting the engineering department to disseminate data to various departments.

Mr. Whitcher’s current term on the Board ends in 2019.