Board Member Bios

Board of Directors

The PODS Board of Directors consists of 12 elected members from PODS-member companies who govern the Association. The twelve Board members include nine (9) Operators (voting), and not more than three (3) Service Providers (non-voting). The PODS Board of Directors is comprised of pipeline industry professionals whose companies support the PODS Association and contribute their employee’s time to Association activities. Operator Board members serve 2-year terms, and Service Provider Board members serve a maximum of two consecutive 1-year terms. Nominations for the Board are submitted annually to the PODS Secretary. The Board of Directors elects officers annually, these include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The PODS Executive Director, Technical Committee, and other committees report to the Board of Directors.

Kelly Wrona, Williams

Kelly joined Williams in 2015 and currently serves as the Manager of GIS for the Northeast.  She has ten years of experience in the pipeline and energy industry, implementing GIS solutions that meet the business need.  Prior to serving in leadership roles, Kelly worked as a field analyst in GIS data management supporting Oklahoma and Texas midstream expansion and operations projects.

In collaboration with a vendor partner, Williams recently completed a centralization and modernization of their enterprise GIS, for which they received Esri’s 2020 Special Achievement in GIS award in the Pipeline category.  This project included a feature-based PODS 7 implementation and partial implementation of Esri’s Utility Network, Workflow Manager, and mobile solutions suite.

Kelly’s current focus is data integrity and accessibility; to build engagement and value throughout Williams with web mapping and mobile technologies. In addition, she strives to create an inclusive work team that welcomes diversity to promote creativity and innovation and challenge technical boundaries.

Kelly graduated from Oklahoma City University with a master’s degree in Energy Management and has a Bachelor of Science degree in GIS from the University of Oklahoma with an emphasis on Meteorology and Mathematics.

Ms. Wrona’s current term on the Board ends in 2024.

Treasurer – Chad Hultman, ONEOK

Chad Hultman is the Supervisor of GIS Services for ONEOK Partners, L.P. with over 10 years of experience working with pipeline GIS and the PODS data model. Chad has coordinated data migration projects from paper to PODS, from spatial data sets to PODS, and PODS to PODS. Managed a large project team to ensure all GIS data is traceable, verifiable, and complete. He has managed projects to install data editing, HCA, Class Location, and MAOP. Chad has overseen data bridge projects to perform ILI Data Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Modeling. Was a member of the INGAA committee formed to comment on the PHMSA NPMS Information Collection proposal.

Mr. Hultman’s current term on the board ends in 2024.

President – Todd Patterson, Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Todd Patterson is the Manager of Data Integration and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Buckeye Partners LP. His current responsibilities include strategic and tactical data management to provide internal and external customers accurate and reliable geospatial analysis and mapping products.

Todd has more than 15 years of GIS experience spanning multiple industries and diverse applications, including academic support, landcover mapping, imagery classification, CAD integration, environmental remediation, software development, and pipeline operations. He has been working with PODS over the past several years, including planning for migration to PODS Lite and NextGen, as Buckeye has enhanced its GIS and moved to the industry-standard data model, and looks forward to engaging with the PODS organization to help ensure its success as it evolves into the future. Todd has been involved in other non-profit organizations in various capacities including serving as an executive officer and Board member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Lehigh Valley Chapter for more than 15 years.

Mr. Patterson’s current term on the Board ends in 2024.

Jeff Allen, Esri 

For the past 25 years, Jeff has been helping operators in the pipeline industry utilize location enablement technology to manage the life cycle of their assets.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Survey Engineering from the University of Maine and has worked the majority of his career leading a successful Esri business partner in the pipeline space.   In 2016 Jeff transitioned from the partner community to join Esri as the Global Pipeline Practice Lead.  In his role at Esri, Jeff continues to offer strategic guidance to pipeline companies to help them leverage Esri core technology to streamline asset management workflows and increase operational efficiencies. Jeff has previously served on the PODS Board, various technical committees, and working groups.

Mr. Allen’s current term on the board ends in 2022.

Secretary – Rick Roberts, Petro IT

“I plan to bring my vast experience and knowledge of the industry to the PODS organization in hopes of improving the models currently under deployment. I will be able to bring ideas that will allow global construction practices to be integrated into future model/modules helping to bridge the current gap. Given my past and current experiences with direct involvement on project sites, I can be very technical and at the same time very practical. This allows me to have real-world discussions with the field while understanding the application on the database side.”

Rick currently serves as Principal Consultant at Petro IT. His 45 years of Oil and Gas experience has given him a broad knowledge of the industry. During this time, he has held many diverse positions ranging from construction to technical staff. Rick spent 25 years with Chevron Pipe Line Co where he had a variety of assignments and many project team memberships. His vast experience in construction afforded him many opportunities and became an asset to Chevron Pipe Line PODS implementation. He began working with PODS in 2002 as they migrated from a customized version of ISAT. Rick has 20 years of GIS experience spanning all the PHMSA integrity-related rules involving Liquid and Gas HCA analysis. His cross-functional experience will allow Rick to bring construction needs and current/future TVC requirements to the team for implementation. Rick was an active member of the PODS/IPLOCA New Construction Working Group. He still participates as a member of both organizations.

Mr. Robert’s current term on the Board ends in 2024.

Vice-President – Jackie Smith, Rosen

Ms. Smith has over 20 years of experience in GIS, Databases, Data Architecture and Project Management of Information Systems. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Electrical Engineering and Management Information Systems from the University of Texas in Austin. Jackie is an expert in analysis, designing, implementing and supporting enterprise GIS solutions, as well as Enterprise Data Governance and development of databases, recently involved in a major PODS 7 implementation at a major US Operator.

Currently, she serves on the Board of PODS Association as the President and on the Board of the Local DAMA Houston Chapter.  Jackie has spoken at several conferences, trade organizations, and directly to government officials, over the last 4 years on topics ranging from GIS projects at Williams to the PODS data model and the importance of data standards for the pipeline industry.

Jackie joined ROSEN in March 2020 as a Principal, Integrity Management Systems, where she will serve clients in all aspects of Integrity Management Software solutions.

Ms. Smith’s current term on the Board ends in 2024.

Paul Herrmann, Chevron

Paul Herrmann returned to the PODS Board after a two-year break. Chevron promoted Paul to Product Owner CPP Data & Insights.

Mr. Herrmann’s current term on the Board ends in 2022.

Natalie Fisher, Enbridge Pipelines

I have a rich and diverse background in using spatial data management systems to support asset management for the utilities and pipeline industry and will celebrate 20 years in this profession in 2020. I define myself as a practical self-starter who enjoys the challenge of problem-solving, implementing Geographic Information Systems, Database Design and Management, and Spatial Database integration.

Over the last 18 months, I have been exposed to the practical implementation of PODS 6.0 at Enbridge Liquid Pipelines. As we work to develop our database and integrate it with other systems and databases across our organization we have faced and overcome many challenges. My passion for establishing this centralized database has fueled my interest in playing a more meaningful role in the PODS organization. I believe in the true collaboration, sharing of our lessons learned as an operator, and using this to further refine the PODS Pipeline Data Model and extend its implementation across our industry.

Ms. Fisher’s current term on the Board ends in 2022.

TCG Chair- Dale Boyett, DCP Midstream

I have worked in IT for more than 30 years, still enjoy what I do, and look forward to continuing the journey.  15 years of my career have included GIS, and the last 8 years have been in Management.  I’ve worked in Survey, ROW, Midstream (PODS), and Local Government.  I’ve developed applications, modeled custom databases, and implemented multiple GIS Enterprises.

Currently, I am the GIS Manager at DCP Midstream and owner of a PODS implementation containing over 60,000 miles of pipeline.  My team handles all PODS data entry and I am responsible for all GIS technology and systems at DCP.  What I enjoy most are the people I work with and especially the team that works for me.  I bring my experiences and values to the PODS organization, with the hope of making a positive impact on the products and services we provide.

Mr. Boyett’s current term on the Board ends in 2024.

Daniel Bally – Exxon Mobil

Daniel graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography (with a minor in geoinformatics) and a Master’s in Urban Planning. Since then he’s gained nearly 20 years of GIS experience while working on a broad range of projects relating to transportation, disaster response, pipelines, infrastructure and utility planning, and others with engineering firms, in local government, and most recently in the Oil and Gas industry.

Daniel Bally joined ExxonMobil in 2014 as part of the Enterprise GIS team. He’s currently the GIS Team Lead for the Global Pipeline Integrity group at ExxonMobil Pipeline Company where he leads an international team creating, updating, maintaining, and sustaining PODS databases in the US and globally. His team is also responsible for supporting regulatory compliance with PODS-supported data integration and reporting as well as developing desktop, web, and mobile GIS interfaces for accessing pipeline system information.

Mr. Bally’s current term on the Board ends in 2022.