Agenda PODS Forum 2019 – May 14th

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9:00-11:30  Operators Only
11:30-4:30  Operators and Service Providers
4:30-6:00  PODS 7.0 Launch Party

9:00  Welcome, Opening comments, Ice Breaker

9:30  PODS 7.0, roll out 

9:45  PODS 1.1. Implementation Experience and Operator Decisions around PODS 7.0
What are some drivers in moving from older versions of PODS?

10:30  Break

11:00  Leveraging Data from PODS -Integration and use in other platforms

11:30  Lunch

12:30  Recap of morning session and afternoon program format 

12:45  PODS 7.0—the Transformed Standard, Including ILI and History Modules 

1:45  Establishing PODS as the Data Model to Meet the Increased Need of Operators

2:30  Break

2:45  Ice Breaker 

3:00  Table Topics (choose your focus)

  • How to Build a Pipeline Hierarchy in PODS
  • Extending PODS 7.0 Data Model
  • PODS Data Exchange Specification
  • ILI–Basic design decisions and addressing historical challenges
  • History
  • Module Development Roadmap
  • Data Modeling, New Construction
  • Offshore and Subsea Implementations
  • PODS 101

4:00  Final Recap:

  • Table Topics report out
  • Next Steps: PODS Roadmap to Future

4:30  PODS 7.0 LAUNCH PARTY & Raffle Drawing!