PODS Next Gen Terminology and Compatibility with Esri APR – Clarified

PODS Next Gen – PODS Lite – PODS 7.0 ??
What’s the difference and HOW are they related to Esri APR?

There has been some confusion surrounding the terminology used to describe the PODS Next Generation data model.  We have used the terms PODS Lite, PODS Core, PODS Next Generation, and PODS 7.0 as we have developed this new version of the PODS Data Model. There has also been confusion around the models’ compatibility with Esri APR. To set the record straight, here is the terminology the PODS Association is using going forward, and clarification on the models’ relationship with Esri APR.

PODS Next Generation (Next Gen) is the initiative being undertaken to substantially revise and improve the PODS Association data model under the guidance of the PODS Strategic Plan.  The two Next Gen models that have been and will be released are called PODS Lite (v. 1.0 released April 2017) and PODS 7.0. They do NOT require Esri APR but are compatible with Esri APR.

  • PODS 7.0 will be the first full PODS model release under the Next Gen initiative and will include a new release of PODS Lite (PODS Lite v. 7.0). This PODS 7.0 release will:
    • Form the basis for all subsequent model development and extensions through the implementation of modules such as Inline Inspection, Regulatory Requirements, Cathodic Protection etc.
    • To download PODS 7.0 you must be a current PODS Association member.
  • PODS Lite is a data model containing a subset of the tables in the PODS 7.0 data model. This Lite model contains only the essential tables and fields required by pipeline operators to maintain the standard assets but will not include the expanded modules and tables.
    • Designed for allowing organizations to understand how PODS 7.0 is designed to function for the purposes of research, prototyping and testing.
    • PODS Lite is free to anyone who registers at the PODS web page. 
  • Esri APR is NOT Required for PODS Lite or for PODS 7.0
    • PODS 7.0 and PODS Lite v. 1.0 and higher will support Esri APR without any modification to either data model, but do NOT require it.

In April 2017, PODS Lite was released as version 1.0. The Next Gen team is currently focusing on releasing the next PODS Lite release (version 1.1 to be made available in Q1 2018), which will include support for RDBMS environments in addition to the Esri Geodatabase format.  Once PODS 7.0 is released, PODS Lite will assume the same version numbering and receive concurrent releases (regardless of updates to the Lite model).  PODS 7.0 and PODS Lite will be released in Esri Geodatabase and Relational formats supporting Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostGreSQL with the PostGIS extension.

We hope this clarifies some misconceptions that are appearing around what PODS is undertaking in regard to Next Generation PODS data models.


The PODS Next Gen Working Group