2018 PODS Fall Conference Sept 12-13

In the Fall of 2018, the PODS Board made a decision to return to our original model and hold our own Fall Conference.  It was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance. The days were filled with lively panel discussions and presentations. Included here are PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations (slidedecks only, the audio of the presentations was not recorded).  (NOTE, some of these PPTs were very lengthy and had many animations making them enormous files. If you wish to receive a copy of a PPT document with all of the animations included, contact jen.gordon@pods.org.)

20 Years of PODS: how our Volunteers made it happen, the Business Value of PODS, and ROI.
Co-chairs of the Next Generation Workgroup dig deep into the PODS 7.0 PODS Conceptual Model-FINAL-v1-1, breaking it down section by section.
Buddy Nagel, member of the Next Generation workgroup, presents PODS 102 – PODS 7.0 Implementation Patterns.
Vision, History and the PODS Standards – why is it important to know this?
How Williams has Integrated Data and Risk with PODS.
PODS 6.0 Status Update
Global Information Systems and Williams discuss implementing PODS Lite.
Next Gen Co-Chairs Chad Corcoran and Pete Veenstra return to give an Overview of PODS 7.0.
ILI Workgroup Chair describes their status and accomplishments.
Chad goes deeper into what the Data Exchange Specification is all about.
PODS Business Rules
Essential Network Management in ArcGIS, presented by Tom Coolidge from Esri.
 Breaking down the structure of PODS 7.0.
How is Spatial Data managed in PODS 7.0?
The day ended with a demonstration of using Enterprise Architect with the PODS 7.0 Logical Model.  This was a live on-the-spot demo, so it is not captured here.  Please look for a Webinar coming in 2019 that will provide this demonstration.