PODS Lite Is Almost Here!

Did you hear the buzz at Pipeline Week? We have been working to complete the first rollout of PODS Next Generation (Next Gen) data model, PODS Lite, a subset of the planned CORE table for PODS Next Gen.

The PODS Association is offering the PODS Lite Model free of charge to anyone wishing to understand how the Next Gen Model will work. PODS Lite is also being released simultaneously with ESRI’s ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing (APR) as an example of how to support transitional transmission pipelines in this environment. It is design to work on any relational database, databases that support native spatial geometry data types, and of course, the ESRI Geodatabase. It will implement with ESRI APR technology right out of the box.  

PODS Lite will be downloadable from our website in December 2016. The CORE will be completed in 2017, with modules to follow.

Annual “PODS Plenary” at Pipeline Week A Success
Presentations & Whitepapers Available on Website

PODS Association has embraced the virtual world of business by offering many of our meetings and seminars via GoToMeeting. This year, our attendance at Pipeline Week for the Annual Plenary was about 100 folks in the room, and more than 50 in attendance remotely! If you missed it, the live video of the Plenary will be available on our website soon.  PPT versions of the presentation and Whitepapers (FAQs, Schema, Conceptual Model and more) are available now.

Call for PODS Board Member Candidates

PODS Association announces a Call for Candidates for the 2017 election of Board of Directors. PODS Association is undertaking some of its most important work with the rollout of PODS Next Generation. If you are interested in joining this important group, please contact Kathy Mayo by replying to this email.

If you are interested in becoming a member of PODS Association or in supporting our Next Gen effort through sponsorships, feel free to contact Kathy Mayo directly at kathy.mayo@pods.org.