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9:00 AM – Welcome, Todd
9:05 AM – Announcement of 7.01, Todd, Dale, and Kathy (moderator)
9:20 AM – Unpacking 7.01 (Cliff Notes of Unit 1-5), Julie Parker
9:40 AM – PANEL: WHAT is Required for Today’s GIS and Data-management Program? Migrating to PODS 7.0.1.
10:20 AM – PODS Report, ILI
10:30 AM – PODS Report, UNet
10:40 AM – PODS Report, Testing and Development
10:50 AM- PODS Annual Report
11:00 – Adjourn


PODS Fall Conference a Success

(scroll down for conference ppt’s and recordings) “This is was the BEST so far,” Please send the slides, I am sharing them with my group,” “Scott is really passionate about his topic and its so relevent,” “It is always interesting to see and hear how agencies, PHMSA but also state agencies, use the GIS and other data that [...] Read More