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Where global pipeline industry professionals collaborate to standardize and manage data assets

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exchange information between databases, applications, vendor software, other operators

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advancing and improving data standards to the industry worldwide

About PODS

Since 1998, the PODS Data Model has been increasing the safety and integrity of pipelines worldwide by providing pipeline operators with an enterprise database architecture that is comprehensive, open, vendor-neutral, highly-scalable, and proven.

PODS supports the growing and changing needs of the pipeline industry through ongoing development and maintenance of the Data Model and Standards. This is led by the Technical Committee on Governance, responsible for the strategic technical direction of the PODS Association. The work, including debate, deliberation, and resulting recommendations, is conducted through the assigned Project Teams and Work Groups.

3 Reasons to Choose PODS

  • Budget, Safety, & Planning

PODS lowers the risk, cost, and time required to implement a pipeline GIS. Maintaining a single pipeline data repository helps Pipeline Operators improve the quality, quantity, and timeliness of pipeline information managed.

PODS is an Open Standard, so you can choose software applications based on features, cost, and usability. Multiple vendors may develop software products that interact with the PODS database. Pipeline Operators don’t have to be tied to a single vendor’s proprietary data model.

  • Industry Standards Workflow Efficiency

PODS promotes better business processes and workflow. You will experience reduced data transfer between software applications and multiple databases; clear, concise definitions; plus the ability to clearly delineate data ownership.

  • Collaboration

PODS Association Membership leverages a broad knowledge base. As a PODS Association Member, you immediately become part of a global network of over 170 companies, associations, and agencies to access a wealth of technical knowledge and experience from other PODS members. Members work collaboratively to develop and refine the PODS Pipeline Data Model.


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PODS Fall Conference a Success

(scroll down for conference ppt’s and recordings) “This is was the BEST so far,” Please send the slides, I am sharing them with my group,” “Scott is really passionate about his topic and its so relevent,” “It is always interesting to see and hear how agencies, PHMSA but also state agencies, use the GIS and other data that [...] Read More