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Best Practice Pipeline Data Standard

Where global pipeline industry professionals collaborate to standardize and manage data assets

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Improve Interoperability

exchange information between databases, applications, vendor software, other operators

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Share Knowledge

advancing and improving data standards to the industry worldwide

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FREE Webinar THURS 3/8/18 – sign up now!

SIGN UP NOW  to attend the FREE webinar coming up on Thursday,  — March 8, 2018 @ noon CDT —   “PODS Forum Topics Preview at FREE Lunchtime Webinar”  Spring is just around the corner, and so is the 2018 PODS Forum in Houston, scheduled for May 8th. As we prepare relevant and timely topics shared by our members and seek experts to serve [...] Read More

PODS Next Gen Terminology and Compatibility with Esri APR – Clarified

PODS Next Gen – PODS Lite – PODS 7.0 ?? What’s the difference and HOW are they related to Esri APR? There has been some confusion surrounding the terminology used to describe the PODS Next Generation data model.  We have used the terms PODS Lite, PODS Core, PODS Next Generation, and PODS 7.0 as we [...] Read More