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The PODS Association is offering the PODS Lite Data Model free of charge
to anyone wishing to evaluate and understand how the
PODS Pipeline Data Model can support their needs.

To Download PODS Lite for APR, Please CLICK HERE:

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The PODS Association announces the release of PODS Lite, an abbreviated version of the full PODS Pipeline Data Model allowing pipeline industry professionals to explore how implementation of this recognized and established data model may improve their pipeline data management, integrity and risk management, operational and regulatory reporting activities.

  • Free for Use by All – PODS Lite is available to both PODS Association members and non-members. Both are encouraged to use PODS Lite to understand how the PODS Pipeline Data Model works and what value it provides.
  • Subset of the Full Data Model – PODS Lite is a subset of the full PODS Pipeline Data Model. A set of core tables is provided, allowing users to preview the PODS Core linear referencing, asset and operational tables.
  • Preview of PODS Version 7.0 – PODS Lite is a preview of PODS Pipeline Data Model Version 7.0, scheduled for initial release in 2017 and full release in 2018.
  • Preview of Modernized PODS Standards – PODS Lite reflects a major re-design and modernization of the PODS Pipeline Data Standard taking place as part of PODS Next Generation initiative.
  • Available for Multiple Platforms – While PODS Lite is being made available initially in Esri geodatabase format for use in Esri’s ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing (APR) extension, PODS Lite will also be available for other GIS and RDBMS platforms in early 2017.

Pipeline operators and other interested parties not yet using the full PODS Pipeline Data Model, along with Association members not yet familiar with the PODS data standards, are encouraged to use PODS Lite to evaluate the PODS Pipeline Data Model capabilities and value. For existing Association members and users of the full PODS Pipeline Data Model, PODS Lite provides an opportunity to preview the Associations’ “Next Generation” Data Model.

What is included in the PODS Lite download?

  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Overview and Guide
  • Documentation – Including Step-by-Step Instructions to quickly download, install and begin using PODS Lite and a Data Dictionary providing definitions and business rules for tables, relationships and domains included in PODS Lite. An Abstract Class Specification document is also provided to describe global attributes, properties and behaviors that apply to all tables in the PODS Lite Data Model.
  • Diagram – A poster-sized Conceptual and Logical Model Diagram visually illustrating the design of the PODS Lite Data Model.
  • Templates – Downloadable templates of the PODS Lite Data Model, ready for use in an Esri ArcGIS Environment. Specifically for PODS Lite for APR, a File Geodatabase Template (GDB) will be provided, along with two XML Workspace Documents – one in Albers projection for North American users and one un-projected XML Workspace Document for use outside North America. These templates are pre-configured for immediate use in APR, “out of the box.”

PODS Lite Database Formats

This release of PODS Lite is being made available in the Esri geodatabase format. This version, referred to as PODS Lite for APR, will work with Esri’s ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing, or APR, extension. This is possible because the Esri APR linear referencing extension will work with any data model that meets certain requirements; the PODS Pipeline Data Model Version 7.0 (“Next Generation”) and PODS Lite meet these requirements. The PODS Association and Esri have worked collaboratively on the development of PODS Lite for APR.

PODS Lite allows pipeline operators to take advantage of both Esri’s APR and the PODS Pipeline Data Model. Pipeline operators will realize significant value when using APR’s linear referencing and data management tools along with the PODS Lite Data Model.

PODS Lite, though, is not specific to Esri or the Esri APR extension to the ArcGIS Platform. The next rollout of PODS Lite will support implementation in additional relational database management system (RDBMS) and geographic information system (GIS) environments, scheduled to be released in early 2017.

PODS Next Generation Plans and Information

The complete PODS Next Generation Model (PODS Version 7.0) is currently in development and scheduled for completion in 2018 and will support relational databases including support for native spatial geometry data types. Note that PODS Lite is available to anyone with an interest, whereas the complete PODS Next Generation model (PODS Version 7.0) will only be available to PODS Association members.  Learn how to join the PODS Association HERE.