Pay Membership Dues

If you are not a current registered member of the PODS Association, please click here to register, then return to this page to make your payment.

Current members may renew membership dues using any of these four methods:

Option 1 – Check:

PODS Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 1726
Sand Springs, OK 74063 USA

 Option 2 – Wire Transfer:

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Branch 000239
4603 Boardwalk Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80528 USA

Account No: 636481135
ABA Routing No: 102001017
Beneficiary: PODS Association, Inc.

Option 3 – Credit Card or PayPal Online Payment:

Once you have registered as a PODS member, select the appropriate link below to pay your membership dues online by credit card (NOTE: When checking out, please use the “Order Notes” field for your invoice number, purchase order, or other reference number as needed.)

Government Agency Annual Membership Dues – $500

Small Pipeline Operator Annual Membership Dues – $2,000

Large Pipeline Operator Annual Membership Dues – $5,000

Service Provider Annual Membership Dues – $2,000

Other Payment Amounts – Membership Dues

Please let me know if I can be of further help.

Kenneth G Greer, PODS President

(318) 429-3946 (USA Central Time Zone)