PODS Association members include leading pipeline operator organizations from around the world as well as smaller pipeline operators.  Industry service providers are also members, including software, surveyor and engineering companies. After an organization has joined PODS and paid their member dues, individual employees of the organizations may register online as users, accessing the many Member-Only tools and information available on the PODS website.

Your company’s membership in the PODS Association gives you immediate, legal access to the PODS Pipeline Data Model as well as access to our new PODS Member Portal, a dynamic social site which provides discussion forums and other social media options.  Membership supports the further development and adoption of standard data management practices in the pipeline industry as you become involved in PODS Technical groups, shaping the Data Model.

We encourage you to consider your employee’s participation in PODS committees, forums, conferences, reviews, and other information exchanges, thus allowing your company’s business needs to be represented, considered, and addressed.

Not sure about joining?  Take a look at all of the benefits of membership.