Board Member Bios

head_pherrmannPresident – Paul Herrmann, Chevron

Mr. Herrmann is a GIS Project Manager for Chevron Pipe Line Company (CPL). His current responsibilities include the coordination and management of GIS related projects, data integrity, support of ongoing GIS activities, and the enhancement and evolution of CPL’s GIS platform.

Mr. Herrmann has over 20 years in information technology and business process solutions experience, including over nine years in pipeline and GIS. Most of his career has been in information technology consulting for a variety of industries, but with a primary focus on oil and gas with over 14 years experience. He has been involved in a wide range of initiatives, including full lifecycle software development projects, procurement solution implementations, management consulting, and various GIS related initiatives. In 2002 his career shifted to GIS and the pipeline industry in particular, first from a consulting perspective and then as pipeline operator upon joining Chevron in 2008.

Mr. Herrmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

Mr. Herrmann’s current term on the Board ends in 2018.


Vice President – Andy Morris, DCP Midstream

“I plan to bring best practices from a variety of GIS sub-disciplines gained from my experiences and apply them to pipeline GIS solutions. My technical background will allow me to add to conversations regarding database design and implementation. I have a structured approach to solving problems, an ability to facilitate consensus form various stakeholders and the passion to continue to grow and improve the PODS community.”

Andy Morris is the GIS Manager for DCP Midstream LP. His current responsibilities include strategic direction and implementation of programs to provide internal and external customers geospatial analysis and mapping products to support safe pipeline operations, regulatory compliance and business development activities. He is constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to provide actionable intelligence to support executive decisions at DCP.

Mr. Morris has 18 years of GIS experience covering numerous industries and projects. He started his career creating digital mapping products for the U.S. Department of Defense and moved onto leading projects for Local and State Governments including pipeline GIS projects for a municipal water system. His subsequent position as GIS Manager at an engineering firm provided experience with creating high-accuracy mapping products derived from digital orthophotography and LiDAR digital surface models along with data modeling solutions for clients. After the 9/11 attacks and as an ESRI subcontractor, he quickly built the capacity to provide classified digital mapping products for the National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency. His time at New Century Software allowed him a deep immersion into PODS and providing PODS-based database and software solutions to support pipeline data management and integrity management programs.

When his is not thinking spatially, Mr. Morris enjoys skiing and mountain biking in Colorado’s mountains with his family and friends.

Mr. Morris’ current term on the Board ends in 2017.

head_sblumenstockTreasurer – Scott Blumenstock, Dynamic Risk

“I believe in a standard approach that can be utilized by organizations to greatly streamline required processes, and allows for greater sharing of information as well as more proactive responses instead of reactive responses as regulations become more stringent in the oil and gas industry.”

Mr. Blumenstock worked the pipeline industry for over 25 years with experience that ranges from engineering to systems. During his early introduction into the civil design CAD world, he quickly realized the power of design programs and grew his knowledge into the GIS world in the 1990’s. He went on to manage and help build Sunoco’s first entry level GIS program which utilized Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map software to generate alignment sheets.

Mr. Blumenstock has been involved in the PODS organization over the past 10 years and is committed to the success of the PODS organization and looks forward to the challenges of the future for PODS.

Mr. Blumenstock’s term ends in 2017.

head_pveenstraSecretary – Peter Veenstra, TRC

“The PODS organization is facing challenges and needs to be more responsive and compelling to their users. If PODS can be more flexible in supporting operators in different environments (onshore, offshore, transmission, distribution, gathering, domestic and international) and can be deployed to allow pipeline operators more latitude for implementing PODs to suit their needs while keeping a standard and well documented core to provide mechanisms and standards for interoperability – then we will have done our job.”

Mr. Veenstra is the Principal GIS Technologist for TRC. He is responsible for rolling out enterprise pipeline GIS solutions. His experience includes 20 years in the GIS field, product development, software architect, programmer, GIS analysis and consulting, and CAD drafting.

Mr. Veenstra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Geographic Information Systems from the University of Edinburgh.

“Energy, Ideas, Organization and Focus. I submitted a proposal to the PODS BOD with ideas for allowing the PODS model to be more flexible in supporting operators in different environments (onshore, offshore, transmission, distribution, gathering, domestic and international). The PODS organization is facing challenges and needs to be more responsive and compelling to their users. I hope to direct initiatives that will allow the model to be deployed quicker and to allow pipeline operators more latitude for implementing PODs to suit their needs while keeping a standard and well documented core to provide mechanisms and standards for interoperability. I have been actively working with pipeline data models for 15 years. I know pipelines GIS internationally and domestically and with my 20 years of experience in the GIS industry; I have a good idea of what pipeline operators want and need from their GIS.”

Mr. Veenstra’s current term on the Board ends in 2017.

head_kgreerKenneth Greer, Enable Midstream Partners

“A natural gas pipeline operator’s perspective of the pipeline data model and requirements.”

Kenneth Greer is the GIS Manager of Enable Midstream Partners (formerly Enogex, CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission and CenterPoint Energy Gas Field Services). The GIS departments for Enable are located in Oklahoma City, OK and Shreveport, LA. These departments oversee the pipeline data entry into the PODS model database, project planning, marketing maps, system maps, inventory records and GIS support to the natural gas transmission and gathering pipelines owned by Enable Midstream Partners. Kenneth has worked in the design drafting, inventory and GIS mapping departments. He has over 42 years of experience in the Gas Industry with pipelines and compressors. He has been involved with the PODS Association since 1999 and has served as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Mr. Greer’s current term on the Board ends in 2017.


Mike King, BP

Mr. King is the Pipeline Discipline Lead in the E & P Central Engineering Pipeline and Civil Team for BP America Inc. His primary responsibility is to lead a team of engineers in support of timely and quality delivery of Technical Service, R&D and Continuous Improvement projects across the BP Group. He currently leads BP’s Group wide Pipeline Information Management and Data Governance activities in support of the Risk and Integrity Management programs and Champions the standardization and implementation of PODS and GIS across the Group.

Mr. King joined BP in 2001 and has 37 years of experience in the Pipeline Industry. His career path includes employment in various leadership positions with operating pipeline companies, engineering consulting firms, and oil & gas producers in domestic and international locations. Mr. King has a B. S. in Industrial Technology from Lamar University.

Mr. King has served on the PODS Board of Directors since 2004 and as President of the Association for three consecutive terms 2007-2009. He has also served as Chairman of the PODS Spatial work group. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation, member of the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) Onshore Pipeline Construction Modernization project and past Chairman of the IPLOCA Novel Construction Planning, Design, & Control workgroup.

Mr. King’s current term on the Board ends in 2018.

ronbRon Brush, New Century Software

As a founder and long-time advocate of the PODS Association, I have worked side-by-side with many operators who have successfully implemented the PODS model. This field experience provides an excellent opportunity to see the value of PODS Standards while recognizing the need for improvements. Today there are more data model options available than ever, yet the needs are still not fully being met.

I am committed to the vision of the PODS Association and believe the PODS organization needs to mature into a more member focused organization with increased member engagement. I will continue to advance the objectives of the association, promote open data standards and provide experienced Board leadership.

Br. Brush’s current term on the board ends in 2017.


Katrin Franke, TransCanada

Katrin works as an Operations Lead in TransCanada’s GIS team.  Since joining the Oil & Gas Industry in 2011 she has worked on the enhancement of TransCanada’s existing practices around GIS data management and implementing a new data governance framework.  In her current role she is accountable to multiple internal stakeholders to manage and analyze existing geospatial data and also supports the migration of new data into TransCanada’s GIS environment.

TransCanada has recently adopted PODS as the data standard for its enterprise asset data, which offered Katrin the opportunity to gain valuable experience in developing flexible implementation methods, best practices and effective data sharing mechanism, all of which support the strategic product goals of the PODS organization.

Katrin looks forward to joining the PODS Executive Board and supporting the association in achieving its vision of becoming a recognized global leader in pipeline data standards and best practices.

Ms. Franke’s current term on the board ends in 2018.


Chad Hultman, ONEOK

Chad Hultman is the Supervisor of GIS Services for ONEOK Partners, L.P. with over 10 years of experience working with pipeline GIS and the PODS data model. Chad has coordinated data migration projects from paper to PODS, from spatial data sets to PODS, and PODS to PODS. Managed a large project team to ensure all GIS data is traceable, verifiable, and complete. He has managed projects to install data editing, HCA, Class Location, and MAOP. Chad has overseen data bridge projects to perform ILI Data Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Modeling. Was a member of the INGAA committee formed to comment on the PHMSA NPMS Information Collection proposal.

Mr. Hultman’s current term on the board ends in 2018.

head_wnagelWilliam “Buddy” Nagel, Kinder Morgan

“My 37 years of experience provides me with the knowledge of operational and regulatory needs of the industry and the 25 years of GIS experience in manipulating pipeline data for use in mapping and analysis. I also bring the knowledge of data and systems integration in regards to conversion and merging of two pipeline systems with approximately 80,000 miles of natural gas pipelines and 9,000 miles of liquid pipeline lines.”

Mr. Nagel is a Technical Service Supervisor in the Pipeline Data System Department at Kinder Morgan. He leads a team that has the responsibilities for validation of data loaded into PODS, alignment of ILI data, loading of ILI data, data integration, and process/procedure development. He has 37 years of pipeline experience with 25 years of GIS experience using various software applications.

Mr. Nagel’s current term on the Board ends in 2017.

head_nortizMichael E. Ortiz, New Century Software

(TCG Chair and Board Liaison)

Mike Ortiz has over 20 years of experience overseeing risk, integrity and data management programs for the energy transportation industry. He joined Plains All American in 2008 after 5 years at Kinder Morgan Energy Partners where he was Manager Risk Engineering for the Products Pipelines Group. Mr. Ortiz began his career in the early 90’s as a field and project engineer working in various roles at EPC firms supporting the energy industry. His work included experience managing various projects in oil & gas exploration and production, gathering and transmission pipelines, petroleum refineries and marine & marketing terminals across the US. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Ortiz is currently the Manager of Data Integration at Plains All American Pipeline LP where he leads the GIS and Data Integration groups, which manage pipeline asset and performance data for the organization. His Current focus is the development and implementation of standards and data management practices for supporting pipeline construction projects, project management and KPI using GIS technology.

Mr. Ortiz’s current term on the Board ends in 2018.

wentuWen Tu, PG&E

I am currently a Principal in the Technology, Solutions, & Strategy group (Gas Operations) at PG&E. I deploy processes and tools for managing PG&E’s implementation of PODS gas transmission database. I led PG&E’s effort to populate, correct, and manage PODS data until the production groups were ready to adopt the process and solution. Additionally, I led PG&E’s implementation of linear asset management in SAP EWM and the synchronization of GT GIS to SAP. I am a Materials Science engineer specializing in metal mechanical and corrosion failures; and a certified weld inspector.

As a PODS Board member I would help the Board create the next version of PODS database, drawing from PG&E’s experiences in PODS implementation. I would like to contribute in getting the PODS Association to make recommendations on standard implementation of PODS based on operator needs.

Mr. Tu’s current term on the board ends in 2018.