Board of Directors

The PODS Board of Directors consists of 12 elected members from PODS-member companies who govern the Association. The twelve Board members include nine (9) Operators (voting), and not more than three (3) Service Provider (non-voting). The PODS Board of Directors is comprised of pipeline industry professionals whose companies support the PODS Association and contribute their employee’s time to Association activities. Operator Board members serve 2-year terms, and Service Provider Board members serve a maximum of two consecutive 1-year terms. Nominations for the Board are submitted annually to the PODS Secretary. The Board of Directors elects officers annually, these include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The PODS Executive Director, Technical Committee, and other committees report to the Board of Directors.

Current Members

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President – Paul Herrmann, Chevron (2018)

Vice President – Andy Morris, DCP Midstream (2017)

Treasurer – Scott Blumenstock, Novara GeoSolutions (2017)

Secretary – Peter Veenstra, TRC (2017)

Ron Brush, New Century Software  (2017)

Katrin Franke, TransCanada  (2018)

Kenneth Greer, Enable Midstream Partners (2017)

Chad Hultman, ONEOK (2018)

Mike King, BP (2018)

William “Buddy” Nagel, Kinder Morgan (2017)

Michael E. Ortiz (TCG Chair and liaison to Board ), New Century Software (2018)

Wen Tu, PG&E (2018)

Meeting Minutes