Ian Neilson, BP, Keynotes PODS EMEA 2013

June 4th & 5th, 2013

Vienna, Austria


Ian Neilson, Chief Engineer, Pipeline & Civil Engineering, BP Exploration Operating Company, provided the keynote address at the PODS EMEA 2013 Conference held June 4-5, 2013 in Vienna, Austria. 


Ian’s presentation “The Role of PODS in the Pipeline Industry” highlighted the benefits of ready access to accurate, high quality, reliable data in order to effectively and consistently manage risk, and to make informed decisions in managing pipeline integrity.  


BP operates thousand of kilometers of pipelines around the world in a broad range of operating and regulatory environments, and has deployed the PODS Standard globally as a key component of their pipeline data management practices.


"The ability to manage lifecycle integrity can be enhanced if the 'digital asset' is constructed alongside the ‘physical asset’ as part of the cradle-to-grave lifecycle data management strategy underpinning pipeline integrity" notes Ian, who also explained the benefits of building this ‘digital asset’ in the PODS database in the earliest project phases on new construction projects.  He explained that this core database then grows as the pipeline asset matures into operation and maintenance, and is maintained even as the asset is eventually retired and decommissioned. 


Ian went on further to recommend that “PODS should continue to be positioned as the single common standard for pipeline data” and that “the industry will reap benefits of further improved safety, efficiency, and well targeted innovation if we avoid proliferation of competing standards.”  BP has been an active participant in the PODS Association since 2004, including three years where BP employee Michael King served as President of the PODS Board of Directors.


PODS EMEA 2013 was the PODS Association’s inaugural European conference, and brought together over sixty delegates representing fourteen countries in Europe and the Middle East.  As at all PODS conferences, pipeline operators are encouraged to share their success stories and lessons learned from deploying the PODS Standard to help meet integrity management, asset management, risk management, and regulatory requirements within their organizations. 


Download Ian Neilson's presentation below.

Keynote:  The Role of PODS in the Pipeline Industry

Ian T. Neilson, Chief Engineer - Pipeline & Civil Engineering, BP Exploration Operating Co.


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