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Pipeline Week October 3-5 – Registration OPEN

This October 3-5 (plus pre-conference sessions on October 2nd), Pipeline Week will deliver an invaluable forum for oil and gas pipeline industry professionals as it joins the 13th Annual PODS Association User Conference and the GITA 26th Annual Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference in Houston, Texas.  Attendees will benefit from a robust program of operator presentations, dynamic [...] Read More

PODS Lite Launched; Forum Buzz; Comment Period Open; Board Officers elected

PODS LITE RELEASED: 118 Downloads in First Week! On April 10, 2017, PODS Lite was released. There is a buzz in the air  about this new direction in which PODS is headed. The first release of the PODS Association’s transformative new pipeline data model, PODS Lite is a subset of the full PODS Pipeline Data [...] Read More